They are trying to get a new skatepark in Rancho Palos Verdes.

I grew up in Rancho Palos Verdes and know exactly how boring it can be for a kid.
A neighborhood dominated by soccer moms.
I’m tired of the idea that the only way to get any activity is to register for an organized sport.
I spent too many days as a kid on the soccer field, looking out from the fence, down the hill, out on the ocean. Fall has arrived. The waves are clean and glassy.
When will I get to go surfing? Not this week; too busy running up and down that damn field.

Now, I’m a dad.
One dad tells me that his kid is so athletic.
His kid is very good at baseball and soccer.
He tells me that my boys should be enrolled in sports.
I tell them that we go to the skatepark every day.
Then, he looks at me and asks, “but what “sports” are you’re boys involved in?”
"They really need to get involved in a sport"

This brings up an interesting statistic from the Skakepark PV association:
“There are 3,000 AYSO players on the Hill and one soccer field for every 243 players.
In the Lunada Bay Little League, there is one field for every 45 players.
On the Palos Verdes Peninsula, there are nearly 3,000 skaters and no skateparks. “