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  • A Better Ceramic Bearing?

    Have another idea to produce a full ceramic bearing except for the outer shell that is made of Stainless Steel. Maybe you've seen my other thread on here for the full ceramic one's and thought they were cool but a bit too pricey.
    Well here's a new one that is going to be more practical and will be selling for much cheaper. Take a look at the idea that is about to be made-

    I have already produced a couple full ceramic prototype bearings but are limited for basically only downhill and racing. Anything else and you take a chance of breaking the outer shell. An example below of a full ceramic bearing in all white on the right.

    So this will be a high quality bearing that can withstand high impact skating and should still be very fast and generate little heat. Maybe the best part about it for everyone is I'm working on cutting the price in half for these. The Full Ceramics are going for $130 and I want to get these selling at $75.

    They will come with double rubber shields,nylon retainer,and will have the superior Si3n4 black balls. Picture of bearing is an example and not the real bearing being made.

    If anyone is interested in getting a set I'm taking pre-orders and will give the first 4 or 5 trial sets out for only $60

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    Re: A Better Ceramic Bearing?

    Thanks for posting up your new product release.

    A lot of the pool/park skating community consider Rocket Ron's to be the best ceramic and non-ceramic bearings in the market. How would you compare your product to Rons' product? IE: manufacturing tolerences, materials quality, type of labryinth seal, quality control and warranty concerns.

    In your hybrid bearing you show the "black" balls but in the "all" ceramic bearing you have the "white" balls. What is the big difference between the two different bearing balls and the pros and cons of each. The silicon Si3n4 versus the "white" formula?

    Pool and park skating does generate a lot more directed impact versus a downhiller, are the white balls more suspect to fracturing than the black balls between the two factions or is it just the outside case that is more due to fracture?

    In your full ceramic bearing, is the entire bearing made of the same ceramic? IE: outer case, balls and the inner race...

    Thanks for the pics and post along with the opportunity for the feedback and intro deal.



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      Re: A Better Ceramic Bearing?

      Not even sure if Ron is still in the business. I know he makes a good bearing, I have ridden his along with many others. Ron probably has way more direct control in the making since he works in the bearing industry, or has.

      I've had success so far in being able to control the outcome of mine, incorporating all the good specifications and if something was missing or off I make changes in the next batch. All my batches have been fairly small without any big disasters. This prototype here I'm yet to see and is a bit of a gamble, who's with me and thinks it could be cool? A cheap priced nearly full ceramic bearing with a high impact stainless steel casing for full bash skating!

      Yes all is ceramic except the outer shell which will be stainless steel, while the inner race is a ceramic Zro2 composition and it will have the good Si3n4 black balls, nylon cage.

      Should be able to wash with soap n water, just dry it good and lightly lube. Hoping to maintain a killer cheap price if successful. Won't know till it's tried,buyed, and then if successful re-ordered at a larger quantity to set a price that hopefully won't go over $75.

      I was looking into a labyrinth seal and had a hard time trying to find a good diagram of one to show to the manufacturer. If anyone thinks it's really worth it, then see if you can find a good diagram of one, or even a good detailed photo of say a bones labyrinth construction and maybe I could get that incorporated. If it's too expensive it's not really worth it to me, but would like to hear any input.

      As far as the "Big Difference" between the black n white balls, there are none! I'd say small differences for skateboarding applications, but can be big difference in price. If I'm able to price the black balls (Si3n4 ceramic) at not too much higher of a price than the white I'd say go for it on the black balls. They are suppose to be a bit harder and generate even less heat. The white balls (Zro2 ceramic) I have in my sets are fully ceramic.

      By the way, sometimes you can get tricked with the white one's in that they are just a ceramic coating. I know of one ceramic bearing company that does this but I won't give a name. And I know ron used to love to expose all the brands and say how each is just an equivelant of an ABEC 1 rating and so on, fun to know but I don't want to do that mentioning specific brands.

      The new prototype I have in the makes here I was able to get a low enough price on the black ones (si3n4 balls) that I didn't bother to find out how much cheaper the white balls might of been. Perhaps I might later ask. I say just go with the known good stuff if it's cheap enough. I also personally find the blacks to be a bit, just a bit, smoother quieter ride when they start to go dry.

      "Pool and park skating does generate a lot more directed impact versus a downhiller, are the white balls more suspect to fracturing than the black balls between the two factions or is it just the outside case that is more due to fracture?"

      Yes I believe the white one's are from what I know, yet I have never fractured a ball. Now the outer and inner ring I have done research on and for some odd reason it seems the white Zro2 proves superior in fracture resistance over having a Si3n4 shell so I stick with that notion. And here's where differences can be found in manufacturing processes. You might find one that makes less brittle one's than others. This is one of the things that was frustrating and upsetting me when searching. I want to have a guarantee too that they will not break on me. With these new prototypes I won't have to worry.

      I don't offer any guarantee's, however I will offer single replacement bearings for cheap if you ordered and happen to break one.
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        Re: A Better Ceramic Bearing?

        Hey they're in now!

        Stainless Steel outer shell
        Zro2 ceramic inner raceway
        Si3n4 Black Balls (The Best!!)
        Nylon cage
        Double Rubber Shields grinded for non-contact

        PRICE $75 a set
        Singles $9

        I'm ok with just selling singles right now for those who are curious and want to just test a couple in a wheel.
        I'm also willing to pre-treat them like I have this set that you see with first scotchguarding them that will help repel even further any moisture or crud you run into, and then adding a drop of Hot Sauce oil.

        This oil I really like. It's blood red and very thin, used in high end fishing reels. With the white inner ceramic race you can see it well when applied.


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          Re: A Better Ceramic Bearing?

          Very cool Fastrider. I feel bearings can always be improved in the skate industry. Rockin' Ron is still in business google Rockin' Ron's skate bearings and you will see his website. I'm gonna see him this weekend and skate.


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            Re: A Better Ceramic Bearing?

            Nice. I skated with him at glendale before. Thought I heard he got a house with a regular backyard pool awhile back. I hope to make another LA trip soon to skate a lot of new stuff that wasn't there when I visited and maybe I'll have the good fortune of skating with him again. If you see him say hi for me. Tell him I was the one who was sponsored by ninja at the time and he was trying to convert me to rockets but giving praise to ninja for producing a decent bearing as well.


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              Re: A Better Ceramic Bearing?

              Great looking bearing, looking forward to checking some out ! Ron moved away from the house with the pool, me checking it out, was a fun one !

              He lives in Oxnard at the beach now and has started surfing alot with us. See ya tomorrow Big Papa !!!


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                Re: A Better Ceramic Bearing?

                That pool looked fun! Hope you guys had a good wknd.